Mitter Fasteners has 5 Manufacturing Plants in India:

  • Ludhiana: Corporate Head Office and Production.
  • Doraha: Plant with largest production capacity and output.
  • Lucknow(2 Plants): Specialises in Special Components and Sheet Metal Components.
  • Pantnagar:  Located in the foothills of Himalayas, this is the youngest plant of Mitter Fasteners.Nut and Bolt Forging Machines for Cold Forging – Taiwan and Germany

•Nuts : M4 – M130
•Cold Forging
•CNC Machining
•Crimping : Non-metallic Insert, Metallic Insert, All Metal
•Bolts : M4 – M72
•Cold Forging
•CNC Machining
•Thread Rolling
•Stampings (Including Washers) : 3 mm – 3 m
•Stamping (Blanking / Piercing / Flattening)
•Welding and Fabrication
Post Production :
– Continuous Heat Treatment Furnace
– Rotary Heat Treatment Furnace
– Fully Automatic Electroplating Plant, Taiwan
– Eddy Current Sorting Machines
– Crack Detection Machines

In-house Laboratory :
–Microscope with Image Analyzer
–Micro Vickers Hardness Testing Machine
–Digital Hardness Testing Machine
–Ultimate Tensile Machine
–Profile Projector
–Molding Machine
–Double Disc Polishing Machine
–Double Axis Cutting Machine
–XRF Machine for Plating Thickness